My husband’s genealogy encompasses a wide variety of nationalities and ethnicities – French, German, Norwegian, Dutch, Channel Islander, Welsh, Irish, and Malaysian or Indonesian. His earliest ancestor, a French Huguenot, arrived at the Cape of Good Hope in 1688. This site shares my research into the family histories of his parents, Harold QUESNELL and Angela Letitia POOLE, with relatives scattered across the globe.

My avid interest in genealogy and family history began early in 2005 when I set out to identify a young man in 1911 photos who always seemed to position himself right next to my beautiful grandmother (he wasn’t my grandfather).

By mid-2009, I’d logged well over 10,000 hours at the computer and in libraries and other repositories. After that, I stopped counting. Along the way, I’ve found that there’s far more to this endeavor than discovering mere names and dates; that ancestors won’t allow themselves to be found (or found out) until they’re good and ready, and that there’s always one more tantalizing mystery waiting to be solved.

Although I’ve enjoyed careers in marketing research, systems analysis and design, and project management and as an editor for both print catalogs and an online website, nothing has been as exciting and rewarding as family tree research.

5 Responses to About

  1. Scott Kotze says:

    Good morning, I saw your article on the Genealogy Sosiety of South Africa’s website and I have some information on H N Minnaar. How can I contact you? Regards, Scott Kotze

  2. Michael poole says:

    I am the son of the infant Percy John (born 1905), grandson of Perceval and Great-Grandson of Herbert Brooker.
    Have a couple of photos of possible interest.
    Michael poole

    • Mary Beth says:

      It would be great to get some Poole family photos! I’ve never seen any except one of Arthur Henry Poole as an older man (my husband’s Oupa). I will contact you via your personal e-mail re obtaining copies. Thank you for getting in touch.

  3. Christopher Grewell says:

    I am one of the scattered relatives of the Poole’s. I am looking for information about Victor John Poole, born about 1940-1945, in either England or South Africa. He may still be living, but I am more interested in his ancestry. After my mother was born in 1967, there has not been very much contact with him and he may have started a family.

    • Mary Beth says:

      Greg, My research doesn’t include anyone by that name in the Poole tree. My husband’s Poole grandfather was born in Wales and went to South Africa with the British Army during the Second Boer War. He stayed on, married and raised a family there. I have researched some of his siblings and their partners in Wales, but he is the only one who ended up in South Africa. Good luck with your search.

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