Provisional Findings: The QUESNELL Family in Port Nolloth

Perhaps the symbols used in genealogy to indicate various events in an ancestor’s life should be expanded to include one that means “provisional,” which can be used in conjunction with any other symbol to show that more work needs to be done to find proof of the event. Until then, the word “provisional” in the title for this post is meant to alert readers that research continues, even as I share what I’ve found so far about the QUESNELL family in Port Nolloth.

The Children and Grandchildren of
Richard John QUESNELL (1836 – 1917)
& Caroline Jane MCGARRY (ca. 1837 – 1914)
Married 6 Jan 1862 in Cape Town

(1) Elizabeth (1862 – ?)

(2) Caroline Jane (1865 – ?) = Henry Josiah COOPER (ca. 1864 – ?)

Arthur Richard (2 Jun 1890 – 13 Jun 1890)
Herbert Henry (19 Sep 1891 – bef. Oct 1893)
Christopher (27 Oct 1893 – 29 Mar 1894)
Edgar Ernest (20 Jan 1895 – ?)
Gwendoline (31 Dec 1896 – ?)
Gertrude Alice (27 Jan 1899 – 7 Feb 1899)
Olive (21 Mar 1900 – ?)
Edward (5 May 1902 – 5 May 1902)
William (23 Nov 1904 – 25 Nov 1904)

3) Elizabeth Mary (1869 – 1937) = William JANSEN (ca. 1855 – 1915)

Elizabeth Mary (21 Jun 1890 – bef. Sep 1937)
Minnie (4 Aug 1892 – bef. Sep 1937)
Richard John (11 Feb 1894 – bef. Sep 1937)
Edgar Ernest (13 Jan 1895 – ?)
Edith Gladys (6 Jan 1898 – ?)
Arthur Alexander (? – ?)

4) Harriet Annie (1873 – ?) = John HAMER (? – ?)

5) Wilhelmina Rebecca (1875 – ?) = Sydney Smith JONES (1866 – ?)

David Evan (5 Apr 1895 – ?)
Iris Baden Powell (24 Mar 1899 – 7 Feb 1999)
Vivien (1902 – ?)
Claude Redvers (1906 – 1999)

6) Joseph Robert (1877 – 1965) = Alice WÜRGES (ca. 1882 – 1939)

Victor Robert (7 Mar 1898 – 23 Oct 1918)
Esme Doris (4 Dec 1899 – 23 Dec 1902)
Richard John (Jan 1903 – 14 Sep 1926)
Harold (8 Mar 1906 – 29 Aug 1981)

Research Notes

As always, specific sources are available; simply send a comment requesting them.

(1) Elizabeth — It is assumed that Elizabeth died, probably in Cape Town, since she is not found in the marriage or burial records for St. Andrew’s in Port Nolloth. Unfortunately, St. Mary’s Cathedral in Cape Town has no records of burials. Although church records from St. Andrew’s show that her sisters served as godparents and witnesses to marriages, no one I can identify as the original Elizabeth is mentioned. Her younger sister Mary added the name Elizabeth at some point to her baptismal name. Given the ages of those who usually stood as sponsors to baptisms and witnesses to marriages, I am assuming that Elizabeth Mary is the person shown in the records.

(2 ) Caroline Jane — The civil birth registration for their son Edgar Ernest gives a marriage date of 2 Oct 1887 for the couple, but there is no record of their marriage in the St. Andrew’s records, and the civil marriage records for Port Nolloth have not yet been published on FamilySearch. All of their children’s births and some of their deaths are found in the St. Andrew’s records.

(3) Elizabeth Mary — Marriage 21 May 1889. The civil marriage record shows that William could not sign his name, which was recorded as William JOHNSON, and that his mark was attested to by Richard QUESNELL and Harriet Annie QUESNELL. Only Edgar Ernest, Edith Gladys, and Arthur Alexander are listed on their mother’s September 1937 Death Notice. I have assumed that the other children died before that date.

(4) Harriet Annie — The St. Andrew’s records show that the couple married 7 Dec 1895, but no children are found in the Port Nolloth records. Harriet Annie might have married a second time, but I’ve not yet searched the records for proof.

(5) Wilhelmina Rebecca — Marriage 4 Mar 1894.

(6) Joseph Robert — Joseph and Alice were married 4 Oct 1897. Their oldest child was born in Port Nolloth; the other children were born in Woodstock and Somerset West, although not all of the baptism records have been found.

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6 Responses to Provisional Findings: The QUESNELL Family in Port Nolloth

  1. sometimes i say ‘from the research of Jane/John Doe, in progress’ . . . i hope that’s a hint!

  2. Ruben Jones says:

    Please clarify whether Wilhelmina Rebecca was married to Sydney Smith Jones or to William Johnson.

    • Mary Beth says:

      It’s been a long time since I’ve worked on this tree, but according to my research, Wilhelmina Rebecca Quesnell married Sydney Smith Jones on 4 Mar 1894 at St. Andrew’s Church in Port Nolloth. The information was taken from a now-defunct site which stated that the record was from the South African Anglican Church Archives. I know that many collections have been digitized at FamilySearch and so you might want to look there. William Johnson is not included in the family tree research I’ve done.

      • jrinsa says:

        Hello, thank you for responding to my question. Please refer to the following extract:

        “(5) Wilhelmina Rebecca — Marriage 4 Mar 1894. The civil marriage record shows that William could not sign his name, which was recorded as William JOHNSON, and that his mark was attested to by Richard QUESNELL and Harriet Annie QUESNELL.”

        The extract refers to a civil marriage record. Do you have a copy of that record? If you do I’d really appreciated it if you could provide a copy thereof to me.

        I’ve read your journal widely and find it engaging, and interesting.

        Your assistance will be much appreciated.

  3. Mary Beth says:

    My apologies for not reviewing this post thoroughly the first time you queried it. Thank you for pursuing this matter and being so gracious about it. In the Research Notes to which you refer, the marriage date is correct for (5) Wilhelmina, but the rest of the note belongs to (3) Elizabeth Mary who married William JANSEN. He is the person who could not sign his own name. I’m a bit rusty with updating posts so I’ll first send this reply to your comment and then endeavor to correct the post. I will also forward to you a copy of the marriage record for Wilhelmina and Sydney Smith JONES.

  4. jrinsa says:

    Thank you for clarifying the post and agreeing to send me a copy of the marriage record. It is much appreciated.

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