RAOGK: Edwin Thomas HAIRBOTTLE & Family (1908 & 1930)

Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness (RAOGK) was a web-based organization of over 4,000 volunteers who agreed to perform at least one free genealogy research task each month in their area. Although the site is no longer active, its spirit imbues most of the genealogists I know. In that spirit, from time to time I will publish some information I’ve found that has no connection with my husband’s family, but that may be of importance to another genealogist’s research.

The records for St. Mary the Virgin Anglican Church in Woodstock, a suburb of Cape Town, are found online at FamilySearch. The following typed affidavit is taped to the back of the first page of the baptism register for 1906 – 1917 (image 1 of 403).



I, Edward [hand-corrected to Edwin] Thomas Hairbottle married to Maria Hairbottle make oath and say
1. That on or about the 19th day of June 1908, my said wife and I duly adopted one Arthur Frederich Finehour with the consent of his mother and natural guardian.
2. That since the date of adoption my said wife and I have supported, educated and maintained the said Arthur Frederich Finehour.
3. That my said wife and I desire to have the name of the said Arthur Frederich Finehour altered in the Baptismal Register of St. Mary’s Church Woodstock to Arthur Frederich Hairbottle.

Sworn to at PAARL this 8th day of February 1930.

Before me.
[Illegible signature of notary(?)]        [Signature of E. Hairbottle]

The baptism records have not been indexed, but by browsing in the same register from the beginning of 1908, the year mentioned in the affidavit, I found Arthur Frederich’s baptism on 8 Apr 1908 (image 56 of 403). He was born on 10 Feb 1908 to Charles BROWN, domestic servant, and Caroline Vrede FINEHOUR.

Both images can be downloaded from the FamilySearch site.

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1 Response to RAOGK: Edwin Thomas HAIRBOTTLE & Family (1908 & 1930)

  1. Betsy Shafer says:

    might want to keep my name . . . if Hairbottle was the alternative . . . just sayin’ . . .


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