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An Unlikely Couple: Oupa and Ouma POOLE

Tales passed down over the years often require more than cold, dry facts uncovered by research to disprove them to family members. In the case of my husband’s maternal grandparents, even I as a researcher fell under the spell of family lore. As I heard bits … Continue reading

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“A Name Puzzle” Revisited

Genealogical research — and writing a blog about it — can be both heartening and humbling. The latter aspect came to the fore recently when in the same post I overlooked the obvious and failed to observe some research fundamentals. In … Continue reading

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A Name Puzzle: Angela Letitia POOLE (1909 – 1996)

Often genealogical research uncovers only one “official” source that attests to a person’s birth name, and we have little choice except to record the name as shown on that document. In the case of my husband’s mother, Angela, several extant documents cause some confusion about … Continue reading

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